All Set To Travel To Ko Samui Island?… Well, Here Are Some Thai Dishes You Must Taste If You Be There!

All Set To Travel To Ko Samui Island?… Well, Here Are Some Thai Dishes You Must Taste If You Be There!

Travelling could be a fantastic experience if it has a lot of surprises in store for you. It is because it can make an adventurous trip even more fun by allowing you to explore new things at every step. It is why many people prefer to travel to new places during the holidays as that gives them a chance to get familiarized with a whole new culture and traditions, explore locally famous things of a place you visit, try on new adventures etc. One of the things that could be fascinating to many people is trying on new cuisines of the place you visit.

Regarding the fact that Ko Samui Island is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Thailand, here is a list of excellent Thai food items that you must eat if you happen to visit there.


Seafood should indeed top the priority list of dishes when it comes to you being on an island trying out various food items. And Ko Samui Island is not an exception to this. There is a protected area called Angthong Marine National Park towards the northwest of the coast of Ko Samui that holds testimony to the richness of marine life there. You can get various seafood dishes here like prawn, crab, shellfish, fish etc., that would get you craving for more and more with it being prepared in the Thai style that would add wonders to its taste.

Thai Dishes


Kalamae is a dessert that holds the onus of being one of the specialities of Southern Thailand. And its speciality is even more significant in Ko Samui, with it being home to many coconut tree plantations. It is a sweet candy made from glutinous rice flour, coconut cream and palm sugar that you must surely try out.

Tom Yum

This dish definitely makes it to the top when listing down the popular dishes of Thailand. It is a clear, spicy and sour tasting soup whose original recipe comes from the north-eastern parts of Thailand. In Ko Samui Island, this dish is prepared out of ingredients such as lime juice, lemongrass, galanjal, fish sauce, crushed chilli peppers and kaffir lime leaves with a much-preferred addition of seafood and shrimps’ flavour at that place. However, while ordering it, see to the fact that the Thai version of it is very spicy. So, considering it, you might want to opt for a mildly spicy one as per your taste preferences.

Thai Dishes

Som Tam

Som Tam is a dish that is originally from Laos and is famous all across Southeast Asia. It is a type of cold salad made with palm sugar, hot chilli, sour lime and fish sauce which is further pounded with pestle and clay mortar before it is finally added to the papaya salad. This dish is commonly eaten with sticky rice and barbecued chicken.

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