Up For An Adventurous Trip To Ko Samui Island?… Well, Here Are Some Tips That Would Make It Even Better!

Up For An Adventurous Trip To Ko Samui Island?… Well, Here Are Some Tips That Would Make It Even Better!

After the rushed-up schedules daily, all we aim for is an excellent peaceful break during a vacation to regain the energy by spending some time without loved ones or with ourselves. One best way to celebrate the holiday that is the most opted option by many is traveling. A trip to a new place can open up one’s perspective towards the world by familiarizing with the unique aspects through an encounter with a different lifestyle, different cuisines, different cultures and a lot more. It could be really fun exploring a new place altogether.

If you are also up for a trip this vacation and willing to try out something new, you might want to try out Thailand this time. Ko Samui Island, situated in Thailand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations that would indeed have many adventures and fun in store for you. However, there are some points to be kept in mind to enjoy it at its best.

Ko Samui Island

Below-stated is a list of some tips that would help you make your trip one of the best experiences to be cherished forever.

Best time to visit

When you plan a trip to any place, one of the primary considerations to be kept in mind is the weather. It is suggested to avoid the rainiest months to have enough sunshine for you to have a perfect beach experience that would help you enjoy your trip to Ko Samui Island at its best. Thus, December end and the month of April would suit perfectly well for it. May to September could also work well, considering that there are only brief showers with sunshine at other times. However, it is suggested to book well in advance if you choose the former option, considering December is the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve.

Ko Samui Island

What to pack?

Ko Samui Island is predominantly about the awe-inspiring seascapes that would ensure that you would want to spend most of the time exploring it more and enjoying every moment of it. Thus, it is suggested to pack along with all the beach trip requirements like comfortable swimwear, sunscreen, comfortable sandals, sunglasses, hats etc. There are also temples at this place that you would want to visit. So, with due consideration to the humid weather, you can pack things accordingly for your entire trip.

 Samui Island


The prevalent currency at Ko Samui Island is the Thai Baht (THB). So, if you wish to carry cash along with you on the trip, it is suggested to take along the US dollar currency. However, a traveler’s cheque is a safer option and comes at a better rate.

How to get there?

Ko Samui Island

The travel options to get to Ko Samui Island can be one of the most puzzling questions. The most convenient way to reach Ko Samui Island by air is by taking the Bangkok Airways flights from Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Phuket. And if you are looking for a comparatively cheaper option, then you can take a flight to a nearby location Surat Thani and travel to the island from there. You can take a boat ferry from Surat Thani to Ko Samui Island that is readily available at a regular interval of 30 minutes to an hour.

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